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Hello and Welcome,

it’s good to see you here!

I am Béatrice, a certified emotional intelligence (EQ) coach living in Dubai and coaching internationally in English, French and German. My goal is to guide you through the personal and professional challenges you are facing, one step at a time.


Before I took a deep dive into emotional intelligence (EQ) and recognized it as the single most important skill we can grow and practice, I worked in a very different field.

My background is in science and academic research, I earned a PhD in microbiology which I put to good

use in varied research projects, from looking into the influences of climate change in Arctic permafrost, to understanding the limits of life in extreme environments such as geothermal mud pools in New Zealand and the McMurdo Dry Valleys in Antarctica.


But as John Lennon so accurately pointed out, life is what happens when you are busy making plans, and what happened to me were two major, life-changing events: becoming a parent and moving to a foreign country – Thailand, in our case. These two events happened almost simultaneously, leading me to an uncomfortable and necessary time of questioning and introspection. Because growth can only happen outside of our comfort zone, I was forced to ask myself: what is it that I really want, in the work I do but also in life in general?


The answer turned out to be: more emotional intelligence.


This is when I finally took the step and started a career in coaching, a profession to which I had been drawn repeatedly. It is incredible how, once you have found your true purpose, doors open and opportunities seem to arise in a well-timed manner. Fast-forward until today and here I am, a professional coach who uses the power of EQ and powerful questioning to support you - professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, parents, teenagers – to guide you through: making a difficult decision, overcoming a personal or professional challenge, moving forward when you feel stuck, or maybe just simply: living more intentionally.


Partnering with a coach can change your life, setting you on a path to greater personal and

professional fulfilment. I am passionate about coaching with EQ.


Let’s talk!


Dr. Béatrice Frank-Fahle

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