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“I had the opportunity to work with Béatrice for a few months over weekly coaching sessions. The topics we covered were related to self-esteem, risk management, professional and career orientation. We first took the time to understand and dive deep into the areas of focus we identified together, to find the right approach that could fit my areas of focus. We also created a 360 strategy based on the results of the EQ questionnaire.I really appreciated the scientific approach used to surround my profile.

Before working with Beatrice, I had doubts about how coaching would help me. After the very first session I became convinced, I understood that the methods were helping me to see more clearly and find solutions to my questions. I found the quality of content and Béatrice’s approach extremely structured and helpful to develop very fast, to gain confidence and peace in a lot of topics. I will definitely keep going!”


"Béatrice is a wonderful life coach, she is both empathetic and professional. Béatrice's guidance is personalized, with the goal to help you move forward in the direction that will be best for you and your own circumstances. I also enjoyed the versatile toolbox she provided based on several questionnaires and self-reflective exercises." 


I am very thankful that a friend recommended coaching with Béatrice, as it was an empowering experience for me. I decided to give coaching a try because of a lingering feeling of dissatisfaction, without being able to really put my finger on what was wrong. Throughout our sessions, Béatrice held a safe space for me to open up and dare to be vulnerable, with a lot of empathy, listening and thoughtful questioning. I have come a long way in being able to understand what it is I want to achieve, and thanks to our work together I am able to make clear choices with a renewed sense of purpose. I now recommend coaching sessions with Béatrice whenever I get the chance!"

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